Innovation driver’s

CHALLENGE: define with a diverse group of people and C-Level the themes that will be the north star for the innovation team. B

viewing the process

CHALLENGE: how to create material that makes the process clearer for those involved and also for those who are not involved. W

team sites

CHALLENGE: how to make other areas of the company know your team, see who to talk to and what your team does. It all started w

restructuring an area

CHALLENGE: support the area manager in the process and restructuring of the teams. How to make a big change in a new format. I

creating strategy

CHALLENGE: to support an area that was being formed in a structuring process, definition of a strategy for the year and, throu


CHALLENGE: build an interface together with the product team using Material Design and show value in using an interface design

brand architecture

Work started together with the marketing team in 2014 and that has been deepening until 2019 when the they start a new fase of

web form

In-depth and constant study of form design. The result of it are definitions of good practices and form standards adopted by a

design system

Creation of good practices and basic elements that are used in all UOL products. This work was developed as a team, involving


CHALLENGE: to provide services for the entrepreneur to use easily and quickly, being able to be present on the internet. Creat

clube UOL

Discount coupon service for UOL customers. CHALLENGE: increase the use and dissemination of this benefit that customers have a


Customer attendance service CHALLENGE: provide UOL customers with a place where they can find their account information, ask q