Innovation driver’s

CHALLENGE: define with a diverse group of people and C-Level the themes that will be the north star for the innovation team.

Building a new area is a hard work, find the purpose and the themes that will guide your work is essential to engage people, give purpose and focus on what is real relevant. That was the new leader of the area was searching when we talked. Our teams work together in several projects and also for this one.

Together we were able to create a structured workshop to find what they were looking for. It was a real challenge because we needed to engage all the C-Level in a remote environment during 2 afternoons. Beyond that we needed to create space for the leader start to gain credibility for that area in his new fase.

Together we create all the visual materials, the activities. We did a pilot before to test what we create, we iterate and rethink some activities base on the feedback the participants of the pilot. We also were able to invite a special guest to talk and make a big impact in the audience for they to open up for what was coming. It was a very special project and the result was amazing. We were able to define the driver’s and received a nice feedback for all the participants.