through this site you can know a little more about my work.

At the beginning of my journey I worked with print and packaging but I really found myself working with the internet, with digital projects. I started in this area in late 2000 at UOL.

For many years I have developed layouts and interfaces for all kinds of services working together with the information architecture team searching to integrate good design with good navigation and a good user experience. I currently lead a multidisciplinary team who operate more broadly within the company. We supported any area that needed support on design fronts or wanted to use methodologies and design mindset to solve many different types of problems. We also give Design Thinking training, Facilitation, Website building, Storytelling … I have also been working in team building, not only mine but supporting other managers in the processes that are needed.

The Design area has expanded and today can be applied as a way to solve problems. Experience, interface fuse more and more and the challenge is always to think about resolutions putting the end customer at the center. Empathy and the search for understanding contexts are extremely important when exploring the possible paths that will be discovered along the way. Working with the emerging and the speed of change are daily challenges that are part of my routine.

I am a mother of 2 small boys. I have a passion for my family, for photography, for studying, researching what is happening around the world and also for traveling. For me, everything we experience feeds our inspirations, references, reflections and learning. I also like to draw, practice yoga, relate to nature and animals!

For the details of my career and my experiences, see my resume. If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk to get in touch :)

Thank you