design system

Creation of good practices and basic elements that are used in all UOL products. This work was developed as a team, involving designers and fronts, being led and led by me, involving everyone in decision-making and studies. Currently the team leads the initiatives and I participate supporting the process and participating in some discussions.

The current result is a website detailing the interface + a website specifying the code, our UOL bootstrap. It has custom elements for our specific demands that the twitter bootstrap doesn’t meet.

In addition to the practical result, both are important for the understanding of all those involved in decision-making and for knowing how to argue the reason for things, not to mention what you are doing because it is something standard. Bringing agility to the whole process.

The project continues to evolve and we had great evolutions in 2021, bringing the concept of design tokens beyond the review and way of coding and making the components available in the most agnostic way possible.