creating strategy

CHALLENGE: to support an area that was being formed in a structuring process, definition of a strategy for the year and, throughout the process, promote joint exercises of ideation and argumentation.

Together with the area manager I understood its objective, context in relation to the subject. “I have new people coming and we need to put together a strategy for the team.” We put together a proposal with 3-day activities. Day 1, we work as part of a team. Days 2 and 3 we created a war room to dive deeply into the creation of the strategy.

I played a role in building the activities, using some design tools and as a facilitator over the days we spent together. It was a very learning process.

OUTCOME: We left with a tactical map of ideas, opportunities and an action plan for the team. Who will take care of each front. In addition to a purpose for them to have in their day to day.