team sites

CHALLENGE: how to make other areas of the company know your team, see who to talk to and what your team does.

It all started with my team’s need not to become a “black box”, to publicize what we are doing cool and disseminate relevant content to several other areas.

We had an area in confluence, with generated content that was kind of abandoned and confusing. We discovered the new SharePoint online as soon as it launched in 2017 and decided to give it a try. I did an extensive work of content gathering, reorganization in collaboration with the team. We managed to build a website that was used as a case to show what could be done with a corporate tool.

After this site, we ended up creating some others like the one for the board where my team was a part, an onboarding guide for newcomers, a new one for the process area. Because it is a very simple and dynamic tool, we redesigned it in 2019.

Every process starts with understanding the objective, what do you want with your website? Followed by a content survey, identification of opportunities to think about the future. After that, we set up a basic architecture and then we set up a base template to be fed and populated by the area. We help you build template pages and how to use the tool.