UOL product family

CHALLENGE: create templates, grids and options that meet all the products we worked on at the time and that had an interconnected look. Making it clear that everyone belongs to UOL and that it minimizes the learning curve in navigation, access, use…

The standardization proposal was to work together with the entire team and from then on, each one followed with the new visuals and new projects that appeared following the premises defined by the group. Reassessing every moment if there would be a need to review any point. Below are some examples, among many that I worked with.

UOL Wi-fi: First version of the service. The aim of the project was to have a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use website. Developed in 2007.

UOL Messenger: Instant message and voip service. Aggregator of various existing services such as messenger, icq, yahoo, etc. Website and application developed in 2006 with updates until 2009.

UOL Central de Segurança: The site brings together in a single place the security solutions offered by UOL for the general public. The purpose of the site is to be informative and selling. Developed in 2007.